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Imagine waking up in the arms of your favorite boyfriend on a beautiful high vibe day with plans to enjoy it to the fullest. After a quick impromptu beauty session with your bestie, you zip off to see one of your favorite artist in concert. A firework show closes out the night but not before you seal it with a kiss from your brand new fiance'…

This is a peek in on a VIP day gifted to one of our very own #PlatinumVIPs Ms. Christin Chapman….

Trusting in my hair care, energy work, and friendship all while being an on-call stylist for the better part of 15 years, this vibrant ray of sunshine has truly empowered me. The growth in all areas of life has bee phenomenal to say the least. I'm forever thankful to bear witness to such awesomeness.

In continuing with this flow, I'm extra excited to watch her trade in her maiden name for the one from the love she manifested. (**this crystal/energy healing ish works**)

So today on her last day as Ms. Chapman, please join me in sharing all the love, well-wishes, and prayers.

For more details on how you too can experience your very own VIP day, please contact your nearest #BAHSVIP


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