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Prosperity Challenge 2019

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This year we break generational, financial curses

To jumpstart on the best foot, Mind Wright Soulutions is sponsoring a 7 day prosperity challenge.

No special tools needed. Just a quiet space to share meaningful time with self.

First of the day ritual or Dream Time Prep, this collection of affirmations is geared to groove new money paths in your brain. Consequently, new paradigms are shifted and created to establish better wealth connections with Spirit.


New to affirmations and meditation? No worries. We've got you covered. While not required for the challenge, familiarity with meditation does help. Just in case you need a little help, here's a free starter book just for you (download)

Here's your first affirmation to get started:

get comfortable with this thought.

feel all the feels as you start to believe what you recite.


print it. save it. share it. post it.

If you haven't registered for the challenge, please do so here

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