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Moon Magic ~ Full Moon in Aquarius (free journal download)

Dear Life Changer,

Full Moon in Aquarius tonight!


May find one's self a little emotional or sensitive. Aquarius energy has a way of making us feel things we like to suppress. Let fo and open your energy and spirit to receive all the thoughts, ideas, visions, and plans you have been setting.

Stay hydrated. This month in itself is a month of power, awakening, and rebirth!

Using affirmations is a powerful thing. It can be used to program or reprogram your mindset. When practiced deliberately and repeatedly it can strengthen the connection between your conscious and subconscious mind. If done correctly, it can change your life.

Using a journal can help solidify the affirmations in your mind. By writing the affirmations down while saying them out loud and with confidence, you are working two separate parts of the brain and therefore giving the affirmation twice the power.

In this free guided journal, you will learn how to use affirmations every day to change your mindset.

Click here for instant access

Tonight's moon sets the perfect stage for renewing one's energy. Don't forget to charge your crystals too!


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