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From Visonaries to Manifestors

Attention Coaches & Entrepreneurs:

If you’re tired of trudging through the day-to-day, then it’s time you discovered how to


Uncover Your Biggest Dreams,
Plan A Beautiful Future, And
Start Living A Life You Love…
All With One Powerful & Fun Tool!

Kiss ordinary goodbye and step into your dream life…



I see you there, watching other entrepreneurs jetting off to exotic vacations, glamming it up on the red carpet, and living a life you can only dream about. You sit there in your home office day after day, struggling to book yet another discovery call, scarfing down lunch at your desk because there’s no time for a real break.

I get it.


The burning desire to build a business on your own terms keeps you pushing forward, but somewhere in your heart, you want more.


More time with your family.


More money to explore a world of possibilities.


More change in your clients’ lives.


So what’s holding you back?

You Can’t Create a Dream You Can’t Envision

If you’re like most small business owners, you got here quite by chance. You bootstrapped your success, building one upon another until you created a profitable business with nothing but your own time and talents.


Congratulations on that! You deserve a huge pat on the back for coming this far!


But also like most coaches, you’ve come to realize that it’s just not as satisfying as you thought it would be.


So you set goals. Maybe you want to earn $200,000 next year, or spend a week at a spa, or host a live event. And as your productivity books have taught you, you write your goals down and maybe even add dates and deadlines.


So why haven’t you achieved them? Because you can’t see them yet.

Why Visualization Works

Ask top athletes what sets them apart from the average, and they won’t tell you it’s talent or endless practice or even money to hire the best coaches. It’s their ability to visualize the win.


You have to be able to see yourself accomplishing your goal if you want it to become a reality, and that’s what visualization is all about.


Unlike numbers on a spreadsheet or words in a journal, pictures help to paint a mental image that can drive you to reach higher and work harder. The difference is, with a clear goal in sight, you’ll find more focus to help keep you on track to achieve even your biggest dreams.


And that’s what a vision board is all about!



Manifestors Vision Board Workshop

This brand new 4-module course is designed from the ground up to help you not only discover your deepest dreams and desires, but to take real, actionable steps toward their achievement.


You’ll discover the power of a well-planned vision board, how to create your own and use it to focus your efforts in all areas of your life and business, and how to avoid the most common vision board mistakes so they don’t continue to hold you back. 

Module 1: Vision Board Power

Maybe you don’t quite see the magic of a vision board yet. I understand! If you’ve never experienced the benefits, it can be hard to embrace the concept. That’s why in module 1 we’re going to dig deep into the power of vision boards with…

  • Why you need a “dream board”—including real life examples of successful coaches and entertainers and how they used vision boards to achieve their dreams.

  • 4 “must have” qualities for an effective vision board—get these right, and you’ll be well on your way to an amazing life and business.

  • How to lay out a vision board for maximum power—it’s not just random clippings on a corkboard.

  • Why vision boards are as much about feeling as they are about seeing—and how to know if yours is truly speaking to you.

  • The one type of image that never belongs on your vision board—eliminate this dream killer immediately!

  • One issue you must resolve before beginning your vision board—if you don’t take care of this first, your dreams will never become your reality.

  • 10 ways to improve your mindset today (and every day)—even without a vision board, these powerful strategies will change the course of your life and business.


Module 2: Creating Your Vision Board

You’ve done all the mindset work and embraced the true power of a vision board, so now it’s time to get to work creating yours. Module 2 walks you through the process and offers several options for making a vision board that’s as unique as you are, including…

  • How to choose between digital and physical boards—And the pros and cons of each.

  • Examples of unusual formats you can use—Because when you make your vision board your own, you’ll love it even more!

  • 5 easy ways to keep your digital board front and center—perfect if you have trouble staying focused on your goals!

  • Where to find powerful affirmations to add to your digital board—these inspiring text snippets can mean the difference between so-so results and amazing success.

  • 8 places to find an endless supply of vision board inspiration—including one you’ve likely never considered.

  • 12 online tools and resources to use for everything from photo editing to animation—your creativity is the only limit!

  • Why “vision” might be misleading—and why it’s important to engage all your senses as you build your vision board.

  • 10 practical tips for making vision board creation easy and fun!

  • How to use your new vision board as a planning tool—because the whole point is to live the life of your dreams, not just dream about it.


Module 3: Your Lifestyle Planner

Vision boards are useful tools in a variety of areas, and now that you understand how they work and also how you can take action with them, it’s time to step up your game and create your dream life. And that’s what module 3 is all about…

  • How to create milestones for your life goals—including both short and long-term planning.

  • Effective brainstorming techniques—so you can get your most creative ideas out in the open where you can turn them into reality.

  • How to achieve your highest purpose in life with one simple strategy to gain clarity and focus.

  • 6 life areas you must consider when setting your goals—miss even one, and you’ll be left unfulfilled, no matter how successful you are.

  • How to use symbolism in your vision board—get this right, and your vision board will become the most powerful tool in your planning arsenal.

  • The one thing to avoid on any vision board—this downer will turn your “dream” into something you actively dislike!

  • Why “specific” is almost always better than “general” when it comes to your vision—with a couple of notable exceptions.


Module 4: Your Business Vision Planner

With your dream life planned, it’s time to turn your focus to growing your business. After all, you have to pay for that amazing life, right? Module 4 is all about using your vision board to create a business you love and that supports you and your family and the causes you believe in.

  • The counterintuitive money principle that can cause your business to fail—and how to handle your income goals more effectively.

  • How to plan for more money without also planning to work more hours—yes, it’s possible, but only when you properly set your goals and intentions.

  • Why the raising your rates should always be your first step—and how higher rates actually serve to attract your ideal client.

  • 3 ideal client photos to include in your vision board—with these three images in mind, you’ll easily plan for a future filled with only the best clients.

  • How to use your board to create and plan for high-ticket events—not only the ones you’ll attend, but the one you’ll host as well!

  • How to create a group vision board to inspire your team—and how to use it to keep everyone motivated and excited.




If You Can Dream It, You Can Do It

Having goals is a critical part of any successful life or business, but it’s not enough to simply say, “I want to earn six figures in 2019.” For real success, you must be able to visualize not only your achievable, realistic plans, but also your big, hairy, audacious goals.


And a vision board is the only tool that allows you to do both while…

  • Having fun with your creative side

  • Keeping your goals and plans in sight

  • Sharing with others for accountability (or not!)

  • Revising and rearranging your dreams as necessary (we all change our minds!)


Stop setting for less, and start attaining your goals, for your business, and for your life. A vision board is the first step.  



I can’t promise that you’ll make a million dollars or move to Bali, but I can promise you this: With your vision board close at hand, you’ll be well on your way to having your best year ever—and creating a life and a business you love.


How much is that worth to you?

Let's get started right away...





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